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June 23, 2017

Miss Rynier's Second Grade Class

Response to Seth Godin

Stop stealing dreams! Education should be used to inspire. I think he’s saying that education in the past has been solely used to build obedient and almost robot-like students. If we want students to learn then we need to create an environment that is exciting and builds background knowledge so students get interested. I believe in some ways that he is right when he says if students can look something up then they do not need to memorize it. Memorization is a skill that people need and one that I believe tests the brain, but memorization is not learning. Children should enjoy being in school and excited to find subjects/topics that excite them!

by trynier

June 21, 2017

Fellenbaum`s Forum

Mark Your Calendar!!

As we did last year, our Open House will take place BEFORE the start of the school year. This will give everyone the opportunity to take a look at our brand new building in order to have a sense of where they need to be going on the first day of school.

Our Open House will take place on Monday, August 21st from 4:30-6:30. This will take the place of the Elementary Open House scheduled on the district calendar in September.

The first day for students is Thursday, August 24th.  Can’t wait to see everyone under the same roof!

Enjoy your summer:)



by hfellenbaum

End of Year Wrap Up

I have to apologize as I realized that I never posted these great pictures which were taken while on our field trip to the Lancaster County Park. Thanks to our lovely PTO for making this day possible! It truly was an interesting year being divided among three schools; before we know it we will all be back together under one roof!

by hfellenbaum

Penn Manor National Honor Society

2017 NHS Applicants

If you received an invitation to apply for membership in the Penn Manor HS chapter of the National Honor Society, you will need to download the documents posted on the right side of this page and sign up for an interview via Moodle. Details are listed in the invitation.

Steps for completion of the NHS application material:

  • Complete application packet and submit by 8/31/2017 to Mrs. Myers in room 363 or the main office.
  • Distribute a minimum of 4 teacher surveys.
  • Distribute one administration survey.
  • Distribute two community surveys, preferably to people that are know you outside of Penn Manor.
  • Schedule an interview via Moodle.

If you have questions, contact Mrs. Myers or Mrs. Henderson at or

by myersj

Water Street Rescue Mission: Updated June 21, 2017 Please Read

PLEASE READ, as Water Street has changed the sign in procedure for volunteers:

Starting in July 2017, each student will have to create an account and complete a waiver. This is a requirement of Water Street and it is for your safety and theirs. Before going in to the Mission, go to the link:

  • Create a username and password for yourself
  • Login
  • Click on your assigned shift and click the “sign up” button. Because you are under 18 years of age, you will need to complete a waiver and have it signed by a parent.

Guidelines and General Instructions for Water Street:

  • Please wear comfortable closed-toed shoes and please do not wear sleeveless shirts. Hats and hair nets are located to the right of the serving line. Please was hands when you arrive
  • Make sure you SIGN IN on the volunteer log or on the sign in iPad when you arrive. It is very important that you sign in each time you come. Attendance is monitored and used to determine future schedules.
  • For reasons of confidentiality and privacy, please don’t photograph clients.
  • When you’re coming down Prince St, our campus is the block between Farnum and Conestoga Streets on your right and you can park anywhere in the parking lot. PLEASE display a parking pass on your car’s dashboard. Parking passes for this summer can be obtained from Mrs. Alston in the High School office, which is open Monday-Thursday. When school is in session, please see Mrs. Henderson in room 374 for a parking pass.
  • Responsibilities include: filling salad bar and condiments, serving, clean up and break down of serving and dining area, food prep


All NHS members are required to work one shift at Water Street Rescue Mission. Assigned dates are listed below. If you have a conflict, you must arrange to trade with another student and both of you must notify Mrs. Myers of the change.

June 23: Lindsey Lord,  Danielle Heisey, Alyssa Schriver, Emma Batchelor, Hannah Mader,  Susan Porambo, Jane Tumanga

July 28: Maryellen Campanaro, Nolan Shenk, Chris Trussell, Trevor Charles, Sydney Leichliter, Annie Schoelkopf,    Julia Tappany,McKenna Eshelman, Mikiah Sangrey, Hannah Brown

August 25: Tiana Ferko, Blake Jacyszyn, Bryce Eberly, Seth Eaby, Lauren Elledge, Brianna Reitnauer, Ryan Nicklas, Emily Aukamp, Taraje Whitfield

September 22:

October 27:

November 24:

December 22:



Location:  210 South Price St Lancaster, PA  17603

Arrive by 4:00 and finish around 6:30 PM

Consider carpooling and remember to dress appropriately, including closed-toed shoes!



by myersj

June 20, 2017

Penn Manor National Honor Society

Turkey Hill Country Classic: May 5th, 2018

The Turkey Hill Country Classic volunteer event is Saturday, May 5th, 2018. All juniors are expected to participate along with any seniors needing to complete volunteer hours. The event is held at Central Manor Church of God. Consider carpooling with others. A link with shifts will be posted soon. Make sure to dress appropriately; this is a rain or shine event!

by myersj

June 19, 2017

Penn Manor Alumni Association

Men’s Alumni Soccer Game Scheduled for Saturday, August 12, 2017

This year the men’s alumni soccer game is scheduled for Saturday,  August 12, 2017. The teams will be picked between 5:15 – 5:30 pm. (odd years VS even years). The game will start at 6:00 p.m. at Comet Field.

Bring two shirts (blue and white). Post game festivities to be announced on game day. Minimal donations to offset cost would be appreciated.

Players planning to attend please RSVP by contacting Richard Frantz at 717-872-4591 or Jim Frantz at 717- 413-7691 or Ryan Butzer 717-615-7140

See poster below for more information!

Alumni Game 2017 poster

by Cindy Rhoades

Penn Manor Cross Country

Severe Weather Conditions

It is quite probable that several of our late afternoon practices with be interrupted by severe weather conditions over the Summer.

We usually delay cancelling practice until close to the time of practice for a few reasons:

  • The foretasted period  for heavy rain and/or thunderstorms changes throughout the day.
  • Summer storms frequently impact a small area while it is sunny in surrounding areas.

Practice will be cancelled, in advance, if we are confident conditions may be unsafe to train.

If there is a threat that the weather will become unsafe we will train close to the home site so we can quickly get into a shelter area.

We will not train during a thunderstorm.



by tomecker