Planet Penn Manor

September 17 2019

Jr. High Cross Country

Comet Classic Results Update

Good evening Penn Manor Jr. High Cross Country Families,

I have results from last Friday’s Comet Classic to share with you!

Overall team places: Boys finished in second place and the Girls finished in fifth place. As a group, we lowered our team scores by 82 points from last year’s results. These are significant drops and another example of how hard this team is working to achieve success!

Our top seven finishers for the Girls were: Zoe King, Ana Martin, Melanie Swanson, Emma Cassel, Vivi Eckman, Maleah Zook, and Grace Book.

Our top seven finishers for the Boys were: Kaleb Kabakjian, Graham Cohick, Carter Vinson, Aaron Harnish, Aidan Gerlach, Gabe Sullivan, and Silas Buckwalter.

Our remaining 24 athletes serve as the supporting cast: Gavin, Miles, Noah E., Vincent, Matthew, Ben, Grant, Stephen, Ethan, Noah C., Cooper, Drew, Michael, Liam, Kaylee, Kennedy, Bethany K., Olivia H., Addie, Madison, Charity, Jaden, Olivia S., and Bethany H.



September 16 2019

Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Silent Reading . . . Shhhh . . . It’s contagious!

2Garpstas has already started working on their reading stamina! Students are loving silent reading time so much they simply cannot stop! Check out this student STILL reading as he returns his yoga mat at clean up time!


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Kix Chop Stick Challenge

Last week for our late day Friday Minute To Win It Challenge, we tried using chopsticks to pick up as many Kix cereal pieces as possible. Many students were surprisingly talented at using chopsticks! WOW!


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Oreo Challenge

Two weeks ago on a Friday later afternoon, we had a Minute to Win Challenege: Who can move an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth first? Fun time!!


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Make a Ten

In our addition lessons we explored ways to make a ten. We used manipulatives to practice all the different addend combinations which make a ten. Then we practiced with card decks in a “Make Ten” game with partners.


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Sink vs. Float Experiment

In our first week we conducted a sink and float experiment testing objects around our classroom. We learned how to use the scientific method to ask our question, formulate a hypothesis, test our objects, record data and write a conclusion.


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

Math Games

We often play math games to practice objectives we are working on in math class. Right now we are focusing on addition and subtraction facts.


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

M & M Snack and Chat

In our first few days we got to know each other better with some M & M color coded discussions.


Mrs. Garpstas 2nd Grade

It’s a new year with new fun times!

Lunch time fun…


Ms. Kyper's Kindergarten Class

Picture Order Forms!

We just received the picture order forms today. They will be in the folders tomorrow. You can order on line. Picture Day is this Friday, September 20.

Mrs. Kyper

Welcome to Kindergarten

Picture Day

Order forms for Picture Day will be coming home tomorrow!


Mrs. Geiter's Kindergarten

Reminder: Class Reward Tomorrow (Tuesday)!

A.M. class-students may bring in a stuffed animal that fits easily inside a backpack.

P.M. class-students should bring in a beach towel.


Fun in First Grade

What’s Happening in First Grade?

Spelling: We have been doing a great job with our spelling tests so far! When practicing at home, please help your child remember to write with lower case letters. Next week, I will begin to count words as incorrect if they have capital letters that do no belong there.

This Friday we will be taking our first pre-test in spelling. If students pass ALL of the words on the list for next week on the pre-test, they will get a challenge list of spelling words. These words still follow the same phonics pattern, but will have more challenging spelling combinations.

Reading baggies: Starting next week, your child will be bringing home a reading baggy that contains a book we have read together in our small reading group. These books will be based on your child’s reading level. Please have them read these books as part of their 10 minute reading homework.
*Please note, your child may bring the same book home more than one night. Some nights they will not bring a book home because we may have focused on a specific skill in group that day.

Kindness: Our school will be focusing on kindness during the month of September. Ask your child about our kindness challenge! I have already seen a difference and our class is going above and beyond to help one another. I am so proud of them!

Race for Education: Recently, a few papers went home about Race of Education. The white page is an overall info sheet about the race day, schedule, incentives, the mailer and how to find the students online donation link. To find this go to there sponsors can search for students by first and last name and make online donations. It’s very simple!  The green paper is the mailer, this can be used to send to a sponsor and have them enclose a check and mail it back. Unlike previous years we will not be mailing these out for families. Instructions on how to use this mailer are on the back of the white sheet. They are a special grade of paper specifically for using through the USPS system so it’s important that families do not just copy the paper if they would like to send out more than 1. There are a pile of extra mailers in the office available at a first come, first serve basis.


Mrs. Eby's 5th Grade Blog

Week of September 16th…

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! Here are some brain stretching activities that are coming down the pike in 5th grade this week.

Curriculum News:

Reading:  Today in reading, we read a realistic fiction passage and began to discuss and identify its elements of fiction. We also picked out figurative language from this narrative and analyzed their meanings.  Tomorrow we will work with a partner on a comprehension activity that is based on this realistic fiction piece.  Wednesday, we will continue to work with our robust vocabulary words, in context, and complete a vocabulary activity independently.  Thursday, we will do some activities that will require us to identify a narrator’s perspective/point of view.  Friday, we will be comparing and contrasting characteristics of the two main characters from our realistic fiction piece from the beginning of the week.

Spelling: Your child received her/his spelling homework packet today. He/she is aware that it is due on Thursday and that our test will be given on Friday.

Math: This week in math, we will start Monday off by learning about multiplying whole numbers by powers of 10. Tuesday we will focus on how to use rounding and compatible numbers to estimate the product of two numbers. Wednesday we will talk about how to use the distributive property and partial products to find the product of two numbers. Thursday we will use the traditional algorithm along with the other strategies to multiply two numbers by each other. Friday we will work on solving word problems involving multiplication. Keep up the hard work in math fifth graders!  

Have a wonderful week and thank you for your support!

Mrs. Eby 🙂


The Peart Post

Welcome to the World Lacey!!

Our first butterfly emerged today!! Students submitted names into a drawing and the first name pulled was “Lacey” submitted by Gloria. Lacey was VERY friendly and walked on every willing hand!! Good Luck to you Lacey in your migration south!! We will miss you!


5H Family


I am so sorry, but I forgot to send home this week’s spelling list! The words are here. I will give the students extra time in class to practice. If you feel your student needs more time, please be in contact and I will allow them to test on Monday of next week.

Lesson 2

Words with Long Vowels

and Vowel Digraphs

  1. needle
  2. speech
  3. reason
  4. crease
  5. thief
  6. fade
  7. obtain
  8. faint
  9. steep
  10. rayon
  11. eager
  12. shadow
  13. kneeling
  14. mild
  15. coach
  16. smoke
  17. twice
  18. human
  19. teenage
  20. niece

Challenge Words

  1. saying
  2. retrieve
  3. emerge
  4. amusement
  5. disappear

Mrs. Harnish

Mrs. Mulder's Message

Summer Reading Challenge Art Show

This afternoon, we were able to take a gallery walk and check out all of the wonderful artwork that was created by the students from the Summer Reading Challenge reward. Check out a few of our very own artists!


Fellenbaum`s Forum

Important Information

Please be sure to check your child’s folder for field trip information that was sent home today. Our field trip is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22nd with Monday, October 28th as a rain date. Once all of the forms are filled out (be sure to check the front and the back!), please place everything, including the money, in an envelope marked with your child’s name and return it to school. Forms and money are due by October 4th.

Weekly envelopes are coming home with your child’s work inside. Please initial or sign this envelope each week to show that you have seen and reviewed the items inside with your child. This is crucial in helping keep you informed about how your child is doing in the classroom.

Behavior calendars are located in the back of your child’s home folder. These are used in order to help communicate between school and home as to how well your child is following our classroom code of conduct. Please initial at the end of each week to show that you have seen your child’s point totals for that week. Students need to earn at least 10 points to participate in our Fun Friday activities that we do with the other third-grade class every other week. Signing the calendar each week allows you to see if/when your child may be missing a Fun Friday activity. Thank you for your continued support at home with your child’s education!


Letort 4th Grade Superheroes

PTO Fundraiser

Yellow PTO packets are being sent home today introducing our fall fundraiser. The PTO is organizing a sub and pretzel roll sandwich fundraiser. Order forms and payments are due back on October 9th. Feel free to send them in early when finished. The class with the highest subs sold will win a soda and popcorn party! Let’s hope it’s a 4th grade class! Thank you for your support with raising money for fun activities and events put on by you and the PTO.

Mrs. Gwyn

Miller's Memo

Homework Folders/Guided Reading

Dear First Grade Parents/Guardians-

Our homework folders will look a little different today when they come home. On the front there is a Homework Checklist of what students should be working on Monday-Thursday night. Right now, we only have guided reading and math homework. Spelling and Karate words will start later on this year.

We started guided reading today. So, you will see guided reading bag. There is a book inside that your child should read. They only need to read one of the books inside. Please complete the reading log (on the back of the blue folder) each night after your child has read to you.

Also, it is very important that you initial the behavior chart each night. This is one of the ways that we communicate with home.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you!

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Kyle's Blog at Central Manor

This week

Dear Families,

          This week we are working hard in chapter one of math with addition and subtraction concepts. We have been using the vocab words addends, sum and difference as we solve one and two step word problems.

          Geography has been our focus in Social Studies. We are working on a geography book that will be coming home in the near future.

          Just a reminder that Picture Day is September 24th. Picture  money envelopes may come in early if you choose to send one in for picture day.

          September 27th is a 1:30 dismissal.

          Thank you again for a great start to second grade!


Bushong Broadcast

Homework Happenings!

Good Afternoon! Today was a great learning day! We are off and ready to learn on this Monday! Please see the homework below for tonight!

Reading: Students had their pretest for spelling today. Please see a new spelling list in planners and support your learner at home in any way possible. There are students with regular lists, challenge lists, and modified lists. If you have questions please ask me!

Tonight is a reader’s choice night! Please have your child reading for 20 minutes tonight!

There is no official math homework tonight. Please note that some students will be bringing home basic math fact practice periodically that is due the next day. Our super aide, Mrs. Bodner, is working to increase fact fluency with kids daily. Students who are not bringing practice home, have mastered the week’s math fluency facts. Thank you!


Mrs. Graham's 4th Grade Blog

Monday, September 16 (Day A)


  • Read for pleasure
  • Study for the Lesson 18 Vocabulary Test on Friday


  • pp 118 #1, 2, 6
  • Chapter 2 test is this Wednesday. Students will have a corrected practice test on Tuesday to use as their study guide.
  • Here is the video for “We Will Round (Rock) You” -happy practicing:) Fourth grade will be performing this at our September 18 all-school assembly (props can include sunglasses and ballcaps;))


  • Complete the 2-sided worksheet for Week 2. It is due by Friday.
  • Study for the Week 2 Test on Friday.
  • The Week 1 Spelling Tests were sent home in the WWE today. If your child had trouble on the test, it may help if someone at home could practice a little with them each night. It often helps if you give them each word and they write it. If they misspell a word, have them write it correctly three times to see the correct spelling. You can work on a part of the list at a time so it’s not overwhelming.



  • We released our eighth and last monarch butterfly on Friday!  It was a female.



  • Sign & return the WWE (Weekly Work Envelope) & WR (blue Weekly Report) by Friday.
  • INSTRUMENT AND STRING INFORMATION: In today’s WWE there is a pink half sheet indicating which subject(s) your child is missing during their lesson. Students are responsible for making up missed work or assessments.
  • We made Three Sisters Tacos in the garden last week with Mrs. Horst. We are sending home her corn tortilla recipe in the WWE.
  • Our next Book Exchange is Monday, Sept. 23
  • The next instrument lesson day with Ms. Almoney is Monday, Sept. 23.


4th Grade Ochs Organizer

Monday, September 16 (Day A)


  • pp 118 #1, 2, 6
  • Chapter 2 test is this Wednesday. Students will have a corrected practice test on Tuesday to use as their study guide.
  • Here is the video for “We Will Round (Rock) You” -happy practicing:) Fourth grade will be performing this at our September 18 all-school assembly (props can include sunglasses and ballcaps;))


  • Read for pleasure
  • Study lesson 18 vocabulary for the test Friday


  • DLR (Daily Language Review) 1-Wednesday


  • The completed 2-sided worksheet is due Friday and the test will be administered Friday (or last day of the school week) .
  • The corrected lesson 1 spelling test is in today’s WWE. If a student earns a D or F, parents must sign the test and students return it to me the following day.

Social Studies:



  • Please sign and return the WWE and blue report by this Friday.
  • INSTRUMENT AND STRING INFORMATION: In today’s WWE there is a pink half sheet indicating which subject(s) your child is missing during their lesson. Students are responsible for making up missed work or assessments.
  • Our classroom has large headphones students can use with their new Chrome Books (laptop), but since most students feel more comfortable using ear buds, they are welcome to bring those in.


Letort 4th Grade Superheroes

Weekly Reminders for September 16-20

Fourth grade is off and soaring! As always–THANK YOU for your continued support!

This past weekend was the first for parents to sign the “Power Log”. The “Power Log” is the monthly calendar located in your child’s planner. Please remember to sign this ALONG WITH your child’s Weekly Work Envelope and any signed tests. You can find it on page 19 for the month of September. You will notice this week, they began recording where they landed on the clip chart at the end of each day. In addition, your child’s homeroom teacher will sign this page if a student did not complete a homework assignment for that week. If you don’t see a note from us on page 19, that means your child handed in all his/her homework for that week! Each weekend, it’s the students’ responsibility to get this page signed by an adult. This week, please sign in the box for September 21st or September 22nd to verify that you saw the planner.

Here’s a look at our week:

Spelling: Lesson 3 Test and Activities due Friday, September 20. Lists are located on the blog if your child ever forgets it at school.

Reading: We will learn about character traits and characterization. We will do a variety of activities to practice this focus skill. Remember to READ DAILY at home!

Math: We are currently working on Addition and Subtraction of Large Numbers: Chapter 2. The students will be assessed on this chapter later this week. Your child will receive his/her MY MATH log in. This site could be used if your child needs additional practice on a skill. There are games, tutorials, videos, etc… This is an additional resource available to you and your child. Your child will receive daily math homework Monday through Thursday.

Science: We are currently learning about ecosystems. Students will work cooperatively to identify the components of an assigned ecosystems in class. Ask your child what ‘BIOTIC’ and ‘ABIOTIC’ means? 🙂

Social Studies: This week, we are beginning our Native American unit. In 4th grade, we focus on the Native American tribes of Pennsylvania.

ADDITIONAL REMINDERS: We are asking each student to have a pair of earbuds/headphones to use with computer assignments. If you need assistance with this, please let us know.


Fun In First Grade with Mrs. Braun


The students have started to fill their sticker charts up from their homework. One of the rewards they could pick was lunch in the classroom with me and a friend. Enjoy!


PMSD Elementary Counseling Department

Coping Kids & Teens: Hospice of Lancaster County

Mrs. Juba

Mrs. Juba's Counselor Corner

Coping Kids & Teens: Hospice of Lancaster County

Mrs. Juba

PMHS School Counseling Department

Fall 2019 ASVAB Testing


Penn Manor Gifted Blog Grades K-8

Attention Rising 9th Graders: Summer STEM Program

I know it’s early to begin thinking about next summer, but if you’re an 8th grader and you are thinking of a career as a coder, game developer, designer, or robotics engineer then the United States Naval Academy Summer STEM Program might be for you!

STEM is all about exploring, creating, building, and making things better, and at the United States Naval Academy our Summer STEM Program, you’ll do just that. You’ll work with students from all over the country as you test your problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration skills. This program is for rising 9th graders and will be help June 3-8, 2020. Tuition is approximately $550 and applications will be available in January.


The Schettlonary

September 16, 2019

Welcome to 6-S!  Tuesday is day B, and our special is art.

Return your signed Field Trip paperwork by September 17th. That’s tomorrow.

Upcoming Events

  9/18 – All School Assembly 2:50 pm 

9/21 – 8:30 am – Watermelon Blaster 5K at MMS 

9/25 –  8:00 Chorus Rehearsal

  9/26 – 2:00 – Reading Reward Ice Cream Truck

9/27 – 1:30 early dismissal – no KAM

10/04 – picture day



Writing: Today we worked our first 10% summary. Finished copies (in pencil) are due tomorrow at 12:55 pm.

Reading: Complete the plot skill sheet.

Spelling: Spelling packet 4 is due Friday, September 20th. There will be an assessment on that day too.

DLR: DLR 4 is due Friday, September 20.


Maths: Today we discussed and worked with rational numbers. Tonight, complete the assigned skill sheet which is located in your Google Classroom. Corrections are due Tuesday, September 17th. Feel free to meet with Mr. S. if you need help before the due date.

Science : Today we worked on our new, new Mini projects, Weather on Other Planets. This new, new, mini-project is due Tuesday and is located in our Google Classroom. We are working on a weather project, which is due September 24th.

Social Studies: See Mr. Mattern’s blog.


9/17 Eli

9/19 Alex

9/23 Ben

9/25 Evan

10/1 Kaylee

10/4 Morgan

10/9 Kaiah

10/11 Lexi

10/15 Audrey

10/17 Janelly

10/21 Landon

10/23 Leah

10/24 Leo

10/25 Lincoln

10/28 Veronica

10/30 Maddie

10/31 Jill

11/4 Ava

Here’s the blog picture.  Please tell Mr. S. via email who or what this is and receive 5 stars!  (


PMHS School Counseling Department

Are You Interested in a Career in Accounting?


Miss Trostle's Classroom Blog

September 16 Reminders


  • 3rd Grade Parent Workshop RSVP forms are due TOMORROW (September 17).  If you are interested in attending the Parent Workshop next week, please send the RSVP form to school tomorrow.


  • Rewrite incorrect spelling words 3 times each

Upcoming Tests

  • Spelling: Friday, September 20
    • Please help your child study their spelling words.  These can be found in their planners or on the Spelling page.
  • Reading/Vocabulary (Quiz): Monday, September 23
    • Please help your child study their vocab words.  These can be found in their Take Home folders or on the Reading page.
  • Math: Monday, September 23

Important Dates

  • September 23: Next Book Exchange
  • September 24: 3rd Grade Parent Workshop
  • September 27: Early Dismissal @ 1:30 PM
  • October 3: Fall Picture Day
  • October 11: Penn Manor Pink Out Day (wear pink to support the American Cancer Society)
  • October 14: Columbus Day; NO SCHOOL

Miss Trostle

PMHS School Counseling Department

College Fair for Architecture & Design


Mrs. DeLong's Delightful 2nd Grade

News for Week of Sept. 16

Hello 2D Families! Here are a couple of quick reminders for this week:

*Please return your child’s Friday Folder empty on Monday.

*We will have library book exchange on Thursday!

*Keep bringing in Box Tops and getting sponsors for the Race For Education!

* Here’s a great opportunity to get out there and do something fun with your family AND increase our chance of receiving a School Garden Grant from The Edible Classroom! Click the link for more information!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, September 24th- CM School Picture Day
  • Friday, September 27th – 1:30 Early dismissal
  • Thursday, October 3rd-Shine Time
  • Friday, October 4th-Race for Education
  • Friday, October 11-District-wide Pink-Out day
  • Monday, October 14th-No school-Columbus Day


Mrs. Brooks' Second Grade

Sept. 16 News

We had fun ending last week with a Minute to Win it game. Can you get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth WITHOUT touching it with your hands? Mine ended up on my back! You can see some students got it! Click on the link to read our newsletter for the week.


Mrs. Brubaker Music at Hambright

Lessons This Week (Sept. 16-20)

All Student Who Take Lessons with Ms. Almoney
5th and 6th Grade Band Instrument
Beginning Clarinet
Beginning Alto Saxophone
Mrs Brubaker’s Students
Beginning Flute: N. Poole-King

Beginning Flutes
G. Ferre
A. Markley

Beginning Flutes
N. Robertson
L. Underhill

Mrs. Hamer’s D1 Violins and Violas
Mrs. Brubaker’s Cello Students

Beginning Clarinet
S. Iburg


Appel's Awesomesauce

Week of September 16, 2019

Monday Day A Applied Engineering – Today we will get a new spelling list and learn ways to make 9. We will have math homework. Below is a list of our new words for the week. Our spelling test will be on Monday , Sep 23.

Spelling Words: in pin pig big dig did had sat no too

High Frequency Words: get, home, hold, so, soon

Vocabulary Words: capacity, haul, proud, especially, memorize, sensed

Tuesday Day B Art – Today we will take a short quiz on adding numbers to 9. We will also practice short i words and learn about voting in social studies.

Wednesday Day C Phys. Ed– Please wear sneakers! Today we will learn ways to make 10 by adding. We will have math homework tonight. We will learn about the job of president in social studies today.

Thursday Day D Music – Today we will practice how to find missing parts of 10. We will practice this for two days, so we will not have homework tonight.

Friday Day A Applied Engineering and Library Book Exchange – Today is APPLE DAY! To celebrate the first day of fall we are going to have apple day in the afternoon. The students will travel to each first grade class to complete an apple activity or play a game! Have a wonderful weekend!


The Peart Post

Next week…

Second graders had a great week!! They continue to earn buckets slips and earn letters toward the next class reward. We read a lot of Frog and Toad stories and learned about Dolphins. We also practiced spelling in shaving cream (pics below) and had our second spelling test. In math, we are adding AND subtracting using all of our strategies learned: counting on/back on a number line or with touch points/ mental math with making 10s /doubles and near doubles.

Monday, Sept. 16 ~ Music    
Tuesday, Sept. 17 ~ Physical education   👟
Wednesday, Sept. 18 ~  Art
Thursday, Sept. 19 ~ Library Instruction (no BE)
Friday, Sept. 20 ~ Spelling test +  Music

Looking ahead…

Thurs. 9/26 ~ Letort/PM school spirit day: wear Penn Manor or Letort shirt

Friday 9/27~ 1:30 Early dismissal


September 15 2019

Penn Manor Marching Unit

Game Day Info – 9/20/19

Please see below for Friday’s football game information. We will be HOME vs. Wilson this week. Be GREAT this week!

Andrew Johnson

Mrs. Eichler's 2nd Grade Blog

News for 9/16-9/20

Hello 2E Families! Here are a couple of quick reminders for this week:

*Please return your child’s Friday Folder empty tomorrow.

*Tomorrow is a library book exchange day!

*Keep bringing in Box Tops and getting sponsors for the Race For Education!

* Here’s a great opportunity to get out there and do something fun with your family AND increase our chance of receiving a School Garden Grant from The Edible Classroom! Click the link for more information!

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, September 24th- CM School Picture Day
  • Friday, September 27th – 1:30 Early dismissal
  • Thursday, October 3rd-Shine Time
  • Friday, October 4th-Race for Education
  • Friday, October 11-District-wide Pink-Out day
  • Monday, October 14th-No school-Columbus Day



First Grade Fun…

Monday, September 16 – Our special is applied engineering. Please practice spelling words for a few minutes each night.

Tuesday, September 17 – Our special is Music. Please practice spelling words tonight.

Wednesday, September 18 – Our special is Phys. Ed. We have book exchange today. Please return library books to school to exchange for a new one! Our K-pets dog (Declan) will be in to visit with Miss Trish today!

Thursday, September 19 – Our special is Art. We’ll have a spelling test today. Mr. Heiney and I are both hosting a special theme day in our classrooms. Our class will have a chance to do some learning in Mr. Heiney’s room today while I teach Mr. Heiney’s class! I can’t wait for your student to tell you all about it!

Friday, September 20 – We have applied engineering again. New spelling words will come home today. Please sign and return spelling test 2 from yesterday. Enjoy your weekend!

September happenings:

It’s not too late to send a family picture to school to show you are part of the Eshleman family!

18 – Box Top and Dime collections are due for the PTO. Thanks for your support!

25–PTO Wayback Burger night

27–1:30 Early Dismissal. Please contact Mrs. Rohrer in the office with any transportation changes.

Looking Ahead:

Next week Mr. Heiney and I will be having an “Apple Day” with our first graders. We’ll be making applesauce in addition to doing other fun apple activities. If you are able to send in a bag of small red, yellow, or green apples, or a tub of caramel dip, please let me know. All donations will need to be sent to school or dropped off in the office by Wednesday, September 25. Thank you!

Mr. Heiney and I will be having a harvest party with our two classes on 10/31. We’re looking for parents who have approved PM clearances to come in to help run stations both inside and outside. All materials and supplies will be provided. We just need your smiling face! If you would like to come in to help between 12:15-2:30 on Thursday, October 31st please let me know. Thanks so much!


Welcome to Kindergarten

Here Comes Week 5!

Here’s an update on what will be happening this week:

We will be learning about our first sight word “I” tomorrow! Students will be introduced to other sight words (a, the, my, like) throughout the week.

Students will also be learning about the letter b and f this week. A small homework packet will be sent home tomorrow and is due this Friday 9/20. Feel free to take a look at the Handwriting tab to see the letter-sound connection.

We will also be talking about families and creating our own family trees this week, along with mapping out where we live!

Picture day is this Friday 9/20.

Looking ahead: Apple Day is Thursday 9/26. There is an early dismissal on Friday 9/27/19. There is NO AM Kindergarten, ONLY PM Kindergarten will come that day. PM Kindergarten will be in school from 9-1:30 and eat lunch at school.

Thank you for all of your support at home! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Welcome to Kindergarten

Update on Week 4

On Friday, we successfully completed our very first full week of school! Woo hoo! We started learning how to read to ourselves through reading the pictures in a book. We are trying to read for as long as we can and to make it more exciting students are able to choose any spot in the classroom! Students are reading in their cubbies, in the library, under tables, and in the teacher chair!

Students learned all about the letter T! They learned about the sound it makes, words that start with T, and how to correctly write it.

We talked about position words, as well (below, above, in front of, behind, next to, and beside). We will have a math test this week to check in to see if the concept was grasped.

I am looking forward to another full week of learning and fun! I can’t wait to see your child tomorrow!


Kindergarten with Mrs. Kinser

Weekly News: Sept. 16-20

Happenings this week:

Library: We needed to postpone last week’s library time, but we are on schedule to go this week. The first few times we go to the library will be for library knowledge lessons.

In Language Arts we add a new sight word, or popcorn word, “a”. We also will work on the letters n and m in addition to our letters t, b, f. Students should be able to recognize these letters quickly and know their sounds. They should also be able to give examples of words that begin with these letters.

In Math we begin a new chapter with positional words, above, below, next to, beside, under, over. Thank you for your homework support.

Looking ahead:

September 24: Fall Picture Day–if you need another picture form please let me know.

September 25: Apple Exploration Day–please send in any kind of apple with your child this day, the more varieties the better. We will conduct lots of science lessons with our apples. I will need two parents from the morning class and two parents from the the afternoon class that can help on this day. You do need your clearances. Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer this day.

September 27: Early Dismissal PM Kindergarten attends 9:00 – 1:30. NO AM Kindergarten

September 29: Elementary Fun Run at Manor MS. 2:00 – 4:00

October 4: Race for Education

Any questions or concerns?? Please do not hesitate to contact me


Mrs. Glenn's Kindergarten Blog

Week of September 16-September 20

Monday:  September 16 We will be beginning letter f. In reading, we will be learning about how sentences are divided into words.

Tuesday: September 17 Home practice pages for the week will be sent home.

Tuesday, September 17-Friday, September 20 Students will learn about the letter f. In math, we will be designing a park together. The students will be drawing pictures to put above, below, in front, and behind objects as we design a park together. This should be a fun way to learn about these position terms. Students will also enjoy doing fine motor activities at stations.

Parents: Picture day is September 24. I have extra picture forms if you need another one. Please send me an email or a note, and I will be glad to send a form home. Thank you for your continued support at home. I hope your child is coming home excited about kindergarten!


Bushong Broadcast

This Week in 2Bushong

Monday, Sept. 16 Day A. We have gym. Please wear sneakers.

Tuesday, Sept. 17 Day B. We have art!

Wednesday, Sept. 18. Day C. We have music.

Thursday, Sept. 19. Day D. We have applied technology.

Friday, Sept. 20. Day A. We have gym.

Have a great week!!


Becker Bulletin

Weekly Update: 9/16 – 9/20

Monday 9/ 16 Day A – Music

Tuesday 9/17 – Day B – Applied Engineering

Wednesday 9/18 – Day C – Art

Thursday 9/19 – Day D – P.E.

Friday 9/20 – Day A – Music


  • We will continue Chapter 2 this week
  • Our Chapter 2 Test will be on Friday, 9/20
  • I will be giving students their review packet on Wednesday; answer key will be uploaded in Math Google Classroom


  • Spelling List 2 can be found on SpellingCity (click here). Our list 2 test will be on Wednesday, 9/18
  • Vocab List 2 can be found on Quizlet (click here). Our list 2 vocab test will be on Wednesday, 9/18
  • Our Lesson 2 Story is titled “Line Drive”. The story can be found on our online Storytown book (click here). Our reading test will be on Wednesday, 9/18.
  • We will be starting Lesson 3 on Thursday, 9/19. The tests for this lesson will be the following Thursday, 9/26.

Social Studies

  • Students received their 5 Themes Quiz grade on Friday
  • We are continuing with Jamestown this week.


Central Manor Third Grade

Weekly Update 9/16 – 9/20

Global Address Home Project – Our first home project was sent home last week. A sample project was shown to students so they know what is expected of them. Also, a sample project is on the assignment paper that was sent home last week so you know what we are looking for. This project is due by Tuesday, Sept. 24th.

Help Our School Garden – Register for The Watermelon Blaster 5K.* It’s held on our own Penn Manor Cross Country course at Manor Middle School, 2950 Charlestown Road. The race is held on Saturday, September 21 at 8:30 am. There’s also a Kids Fun Run at 9:30 am, live music by the Dreadnaught Brigade, a Watermelon Seed Spittin’ contest and free Watermelon Smoothies for all runners. The Watermelon Blaster 5K & Kids Fun Run is a fundraiser to help schools dig deeper with their school garden program. Our school garden is awesome, and we want to keep making it better! We’ve applied to receive a School Garden Grant and we need lots of runners to strengthen our application. Please type in Central Manor as your school when you register!

This Week:

  • Monday, September 16  – Day A -New spelling list comes home
  • Tuesday, September 17 – Day B  
  • Wednesday, September 18 – Day C  
  • Thursday, September 19 – Day D –  Math chapter 2 test
  • Friday, September 20 – Day A – Spelling Test Lesson 3

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday, September 24th- CM School Picture Day
  • Tuesday, September 24th – Global Address home project due
  • Friday, September 27th – 1:30 Early dismissal
  • Thursday, October 3rd-Shine Time
  • Friday, October 4th-Race for Education
  • Friday, October 11-District-wide Pink-Out day
  • Monday, October 14th-No school-Columbus Day


Mrs. Tercha’s Sixth Grade News

First Full Week Since May!

We did it!! We made it!! First full week since May was a success!


Students continued to dive deeper into story elements, plot elements and characterization this past week. We also got to start the novel, Ghost, by Jason Reynolds. Students are VERY interested in this book! It’s a good one!

Students also worked on a TDA (Text-Dependent Analysis). Many students were able to sit and teach Mrs. Tercha how to write one of these, to which I am very grateful for their patience.


This past week, students took their first math test for the school year (Chapter 1). This is the most difficult chapter, but overall the students did well.

Table Points:

Congratulations goes out to the Purple Table for accumulating the most table points for the month of August! Students earn table points by displaying positive behavior. Some examples of how students could earn table points is by the table members coming in quietly from recess and reading silently, everyone pushing chairs in when leaving classroom, everyone following teacher directions quickly and quietly and also by everyone acting like leaders in the hallway and during specials. Whoever earns the most points at the end of the month gets a special treat from Mrs. Tercha.

The Purple Table requested Starbucks Frappuccinos for breakfast.

**Please note, these were caffeine free.** 🙂

Looking Ahead:

Coming up this week, we will continue to read our novel, Ghost, and dissect more with characterization. Students will also work on the analysis part of the TDA.

In math, we will be taking the CDTs on Tuesday. This will be done with the entire 6th grade.

We will also be starting our Social Studies unit at the end of this week (Friday). This unit will focus on the Civil War.


We will be taking a field trip on September 26th (next Thursday), so please fill out and turn in both field trip forms this week! If your student needs another copy, please let me know! We will be going to the Lancaster County Parks with the rest of the 6th grade students and work on team building activities.


Monday – Music

Tuesday – Tech.; Math CDTs

Wednesday – Art

Thursday – Phys. Ed.

Friday – Music