Planet Penn Manor

July 21 2019

Kindergarten with Mrs. Kinser

Kindergarten Supply List 2019-2020

Backpack – big enough to carry a large library book

Pencil Box3

Large Glue Sticks

16 Pack of Crayons

Black Expo marker

Clean  small sock for erasing mini whiteboards

Safety Scissors (optional)

Box of Tissues and/or Hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes for the classroom


July 18 2019

Mrs. Piatt's Blog Site


Hello 4P Students and Families! I hope that you are having a safe and fun-filled summer!  I’m looking forward to our school year together!  I’ve noticed that school supplies are starting to appear in ads and in the stores.  If you’re watching the back to school ads (or visiting the dollar store) and in the process of buying school supplies, here are a few things that you may want to consider. We use the following:

  • lots of dry erase markers (We use these a lot!)
  • a hand-held pencil sharpener
  • a fun pen
  • #2 pencils or lead pencils
  • several glue sticks (We use these a lot!)
  • crayons (16 or 24 pack)
  • a highlighter
  • colored pencils (We use them a lot!)
  • Post-It Notes (3 x 3 size is best)
  • an old sock (to use as a dry eraser)
  • erasers
  • a pencil box that will fit in your desk
  • a spiral notebook
  • child-safe scissors
  • lined notebook paper
  • small stapler

**I will be supplying you with a folder for each subject area and for homework. You won’t need a binder this year!

**Thank you if you have subscribed to this blog.  I will update it weekly when school begins!

I will be sending a back to school letter sometime in August!  In the meantime, enjoy these fun summer days!  🙂


July 17 2019

Jr. High Cross Country

Practice change for Monday 7/22

Hello Penn Manor Cross Country Families,

Coach Taylour and I were excited to have 19 runners join us for our first practice on Monday and we look forward to getting to know everyone in the coming weeks!

I need to make a schedule change for next week so I am going to move Monday’s practice (7/22) to Thursday (7/25) at 8 am.

We will have practice this Friday at 8 am and next week will be both Thursday and Friday at 8 am (No Monday practice next week).

I hope you are staying cool in the midst of this heat wave!

Coach Kramer


July 15 2019

Penn Manor Alumni Association

Penn Manor National Honor Society

New Student Orientation

Penn Manor HS Administration is looking for volunteers to help plan and organize our new student orientation in early August (tentatively 8/8/19). We usually have a planning/prep day in July where we make posters, talk through the schedule, etc. Then, we meet about 3 PM the day of the orientation to organize the event. 
We would like to have as many student volunteers as possible. It is great service hours and looks good on a college application. If you are interested, contact Dr. D’Amico at and provide him with your summer contact information.


July 13 2019

Miss Szentesy's Class

Come see us!

Did you know that Mrs. Ashworth volunteers at the Rock Ford Plantation in the summer? How cool?!! I will help her this Tuesday, July 16. We will read to the school-age group. Come on out and enjoy a beautiful morning if you can! We’d love to see you and your friends/family.

For information, click here.

FYI: I am also planning to read to the “Kindergarten and younger” group on August 6. 🙂


July 11 2019

Penn Manor Theatre

Schedule for July 15-19

The schedule for next week is as follows – if you have questions, please reach out to Mrs. Shellenberger directly. (Mrs. Mintzer will be in Washington DC for Arts Advocacy Day and the EDTA Leadership Summit, representing PA Thespians)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – please do not arrive before 10:00 am
Thursday – no work. Mrs. Shellenberger is not available that day.
Friday – 9:00 – 12:00 only.

Please RSVP to Mrs. Shellenberger if and when she can expect you each day! There is still some work to be done in the pods, but you are still welcome to just pick up a bag to go through and wash/hang out in the sun.


July 9 2019

Penn Manor Theatre

Work continues – a few reminders!

Please be sure to “RSVP” for days/times when you plan to come to help. It is helpful for Mrs. Shellenberger and Mrs. Mintzer to know when people can be expected. (Remember that we still have things we need to do for our own families and for our own summer fun.) So we might have some time to go to the grocery store – and we do also have some of our own appointments to juggle.

If it is a rainy day – we may not be able to work. The ground gets too muddy outside the storage area. So this week, Thursday work could be limited since there are storms in the forecast. Knowing who is expected to help at certain days/times will also help us contact them if plans have to be changed.

Please send a quick text to Mrs. Mintzer or Mrs. Shellenberger to check in. Right now, we know that we have multiple helpers coming on:
Wed morning and afternoon,
Thursday afternoon (after 1).
For Friday, we have only heard from one person for a two-hour window – so if you are available on Friday, please let us know (or we may cancel).

We do continue to need folks who can pick up bags to work on at home. For anyone who is busy during the daytime hours, or lives in the souther end of our district, Mrs. Mintzer can grab the bags for you each morning, and is willing to meet up or deliver the bags later in the day – just let her know what you are able to do and how many bags to grab for you.

Next week, Mrs. Mintzer will be out of town attending the EDTA Advocacy Days and Leadership Summit in Washington, DC – so Mrs. Shellenberger will need to be primary point of contact after Friday, July 12th.


July 8 2019

Penn Manor Theatre

UPDATE: Monday, July 8th – WOW!

Thank you to the crew of helpers who showed up on Monday morning – we were able to load ALL of the bags into the trailer and other vehicles in record time! After just over an hour’s worth of time, everything was loaded and the caravan made its way to the Shellenberger farm. It was all unloaded and stored in the pods by about 11:00 – WOW!

This means that we need to revise our plan for the rest of the week. We still need plenty of help – but the work will be taking place at the Manorfield farm exclusively. If you need service hours for NHS or your graduation project, we can sign forms as needed. You will also log your time for Thespian hours and honors!

Mrs. Shellenberger will be home all week – and you are welcome to drop by anytime you’re available. The plan is to work between 9-5. Come when you can, leave when you must.

We have purchased several clothing racks that will be used in the pods – so we need to get the items out of the plastic bags, check the clothing for mending (tears, broken zippers) – and get it into the sunlight. ***We do still want folks to take items home to clean, check and hang outside – but you’ll need to pick up items at the farm now.** . Those racks are due to arrive today (Monday) – so we’ll start Tuesday morning with rack assembly.

Tues, Wed, Thurs – work at the farm/pods from 9-5. Friday – work at the farm/pods from 9-1.

Pick up of items to be laundered at home can be done anytime Mrs. Shellenberger is at home – reach out to her or Mrs. Mintzer to schedule a time in the evenings or outside of our normally scheduled work sessions.

THANK YOU for the help! We do still need more help – the longer process is just beginning! The more items we can sort, clean and organize – the better! We will try to sell items so that we can use those funds to rebuild also. Stay tuned for updates as work progresses – we’ll post info on the PM Theatre blog, Facebook page, and Google classroom. Please spread the word for anyone who is willing to join us!


Chad Testing Blog

Hello world!

Welcome to Penn Manor Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


Mrs. Tercha’s Sixth Grade News

Looking forward to a new year

I am very excited to join the Hambright Sixth Grade Team. I look forward to meeting you on day 1. We are preparing for an exciting year.


July 6 2019

Penn Manor Theatre


MAJOR UPDATE ENCLOSED – please read in its entirety!

We NEED your help! There is work that can be done at home with more flexibility, or you can work at PMHS or the Shellenberger farm as your schedule allows. But the time is NOW to pitch in! PLEASE!

Because of the need to do an extensive cleaning, the district staff went into the make up room and green room – and emptied both spaces. (Pictures enclosed). We were told that they would put all items in bags for us to go through, but they had to make some executive decisions about what needed to go to the dumpster directly. Our task now is to get the bagged items cleared and put into a storage container off-site. Our request to the district was to allow us to prevent as many items from going to a dumpster/landfill as possible – and have been in contact with several sources and schools – but the main priority was to have the spaces emptied before they are cleaned by an outside company starting on Monday, July 8th.

The custodial staff worked for 5 hours on Wed to bag up our stuff. On Friday, Mrs. Shellenberger, Mrs. Mintzer, Maddie Beatty, and Bernie & Janet Hershey loaded up the Hershey trailer with most of the items that were in boxes, along with 16 bags of costume/clothing.

Applause has made arrangements for two large “pod” storage containers – and they have been installed on the Shellenberger property. Moving, cleaning, sorting and organizing is the goal of our work now. Clothing racks have been purchased for hanging/sorting items inside the pods.

The items that were on hangers seem to be what is in the bags – and that is our top priority right now! We absolutely MUST have EVERYTHING removed from the auditorium prior to July 18th! We are in need of helpers to load vehicles and transport bags to the Shellenberger farm to be unloaded. We need manpower, but we also need some drivers and vehicles.

9-12. Load and unload bags between PMHS and Manorfield farm. Mrs. Mintzer will be at PMHS from 9-12, Mrs. Shellenberger will be at home, ready to supervise the deliveries and storage process.
1-5. Work will continue at the Shellenberger farm to sort & organize.

6-7. If you are willing to “adopt a bag” of clothing (or two, or three) – stop by PMHS to pick up items that you can review at home. Instructions enclosed.

9-12. Load & unload
1-5. Sort & organize . (just like Monday)
By appointment (call/text Mrs. M to “adopt a bag”)

By now, we hope that all of the items will be moved. The play for Thursday is to work at the farm from 9-5 (as your schedule allows) to continue to sort and organize items.

PMHS is closed, so we’ll work 9-1 at the farm.

WEEK OF JULY 15-19 – To be determined, based on what we can accomplish this coming week.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS- The air quality in the green room and make up room tested positive for mold spores. The clothing itself does not have mold – but it has been exposed to the spores. In order to kill those spores, the items need to be laundered (in a washing machine) or exposed to fresh air and sunlight for a short period of time. Since it is summertime, we are hoping that we can round up many volunteers to take a bag of clothing and hang the hangers on your washline or at your home where they can be exposed to sunlight!

-If the items in your bag can be washed safely in a washing machine, please do so. But many of the items we have are gowns or suits that should be dry cleaned only… so for those items, we recommend the air/sunlight method. If your bag has things like mens dress shirts or pants/skirts that can be put in the wash, we ask you to do that load of laundry. You will have to check each item – depending on the fabric, or the style, each item in your bag may have to be grouped… you may have a few items to wash and a few items to hang.

We would like to know who to expect, and when you you can be there. Mrs. Mintzer doesn’t want to sit at PMHS unnecessarily (if nobody is planning to come), and Mrs. Shellenberger would like to have an idea of when people can work as well.
*Please respond by commenting to this post with your day/time (or willingness to adopt a bag!) – or by sending an email to Mrs. Mintzer ( or by contacting us by call/text: Mrs. Mintzer . 717-371-2506, Mrs. Shellenberger 717-808-5933

PMHS – plan to enter by the bandroom or the orchestra room (new handicapped accessible entrance)
Shellenberger property – “Manorfield farm” – 1411 Prospect Rd (south of route 30, within PM district)

Back of Make up Room


July 2 2019

Penn Manor National Honor Society

Jr. High Cross Country

Checklist for Voluntary practices

Hello Cross Country Families!

Our voluntary practices are just around the corner (July 15th), so I wanted to send a few reminders.

~If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start some light and easy running (20-30 minutes/3 or 4 times a week). We are working toward our goal of being able to race two miles, so the more you do now, the better prepared you will be!

~Please make sure to bring a copy of the signed Off-season waiver, which gives athletes permission to participate in our voluntary practices. Note: You do not need to have a completed PIAA Physical Form at this time, but if you have already been to the doctor, I will collect these papers from you.

~Bring a water bottle.

~In case of inclement weather, stay tuned to the blog for any changes.

If you have questions, please contact me at



June 17 2019

Penn Manor Alumni Association

Class of 1969 Attends Graduation for Class of 2019

Each year, the 50th reunion class is invited to attend graduation and celebrate with the current graduating class. This year, the Class of 1969 attended a reception at the F&M Alumni Sports and Fitness Center prior to commencement and then watched the Class of 2019 receive their diplomas. Denise Morris Race (’69), celebrated with her granddaughter, Paige Marie Ireland Miller, who graduated exactly 50 years to the day that Denise received her diploma  (Denise is pictured front row, second from left).

Cindy Rhoades

June 14 2019

Jr. High Cross Country

Off-Season Waiver

Reminder: Students must provide coaches with a completed off-season waiver to practice with the team through August 11th. A copy of this form is available in the links at the top of the page.


June 13 2019

Penn Manor Cross Country

Off-Season Waiver

Reminder – students must provide coaches with a completed off-season waiver to practice with the team between June and August 11th. A copy of the form is available at the top of the blog site


June 11 2019

Tech Tools

Add a Padlet to your Google Classroom for some great interactive Classroom Activities

Padlet is a great way to add some Interactive Classroom Activity. (Tutorial-Setup and share in your Google Classroom) Below are some ideas how you can use it in your classroom.

  • Brainstorming
  • Exit Ticket
  • Ice breaker (2 truths and 1 lie)
  • End of Year (give a compliment)
  • Book Discussion
  • Gather Feedback
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Analyze a Quote
  • Complete a Story


June 10 2019

Penn Manor Cross Country

Weight Training

The PM weight training room is open for PM athletes on Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Cross country athletes are encouraged to try to go to the weight room for cross training at least 2 times per week.

Coach Ecker will be at the weight room on Thursday, 6/13 from 8:00 to 8:30 to assist any XC athletes in getting started with a weight training program.


Penn Manor Cross Country

Practices Schedule Update 6/22

We are going to increase the number of team practices to 3 per week, starting this week.

Monday Practice will be at the PM track starting at 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday Practice will be at the Manor Middle starting at 6:00 p.m.

Friday practice will be at Manor Middle starting at 8:00 a.m.

Practice is usually about 1.5 hours. Athletes are requested to bring their own water.


Ms. Kaplan's 2nd Grade Blog

Any day now…

Good Afternoon Everyone! Please spread the word…the eagles are almost ready to fly! Both of them are strengthening their wings with daily flapping exercises. It won’t be long now before they will leave the nest and continue to grow into strong adults.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the first few days of summer vacation!


June 6 2019

Mrs. Groff's 4th Grade Blog

June 6th- Summer is Here!

Greider Park

I would like to THANK YOU ALL for your kindness and support this school year! The school year flew by, and it’s hard to believe summer is here and your children are heading into 5th grade!! I hope you all have a SAFE, FUN, & GREAT summer and BEST of LUCK to everyone next year!

Students, come back to say HI next year! 🙂


Smith's Super Stars

Happy Summer!

Happy first day of summer! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your love, support and encouragement this year! Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful gifts – I could not be more thankful for all of YOU! This was probably my toughest class to say good-bye to. If your child came home and said I was crying (like really crying) at the end of the day, it’s true ha! These kiddos all have a special place in my heart! I hope you have an amazing summer! Thanks again for everything! 🙂


LeTort's Sixth Grade Blog

Information for Incoming Sixth Grade Students

Yesterday students received a pamphlet with information about the upcoming year. We asked students to find a place to keep this information safe, however we know what happens to papers after having a summer clean out of backpacks, binders, etc. Below is a pdf version of the pamphlet in case you need it.


LeTort's Sixth Grade Blog

Thank you. . .

for a great year! We are very lucky to teach in a school where there is so much parent support and such a wonderful sense of community.

Have a safe, happy, and relaxing summer! Please encourage your children to read over the summer.


June 5 2019

Mrs. Adams' Announcements

A End to a Wonderful Year…

It has been such a pleasure helping these children grow. Today was a very fun but emotional day! It is now time to start the summer!!


Mr. Birch's 5th Grade Blog

Last one, I promise! Just wanted to share moments I’ve captured this year. Enjoy…

Click the link below to access an album of all of the moments I’ve captured this year with my students!

Jerrell Birch

Mr. Birch's 5th Grade Blog

Avoid the “summer slide!”

Research supports the existence of the “summer slide.” Students often experience learning regression over the summer months. I hope to help you support your child in avoiding this by offering some suggestions and resources.

My recommendations include creating a manageable regiment that places emphasis on reading and possibly other types of practice. I highly recommend utilizing resources at the local public libraries. They even offer awesome incentive programs! One resource that I have found to be especially practical is the Free Library of Philadelphia. On their site you can remotely sign up for a library card and instantly have access to hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks! It’s too easy!

In addition to supporting your child in reading over the summer, there are many web-based resources that offer practice in math and other subjects. A few in particular, Khan Academy, Prodigy, and Freckle, give students access to math practice that can be fun and engaging. These resources can be used to stay sharp on 5th grade content already learned, or even to gain exposure to 6th grade skills ahead of the upcoming school year.

Most importantly, I would like students to capitalize on the opportunity to enjoy time with family, rest, and experience an adventure or two!

Click here to gain access to a hyperlinked document outlining some of the resources I’ve shared and more!

Jerrell Birch

Mr. Birch's 5th Grade Blog

Thank you…

Another school year has come to a close. Again, I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know, teach, and impact a group of students. I cherish the relationships I’ve forged with each individual child, and the bond I grew to have with them. I hope that their experience with me was memorable and helped to move them closer to reaching their potential.

Thank you…. for your role in their learning this year, your support, and your trust all year long. I am fortunate to work with the families I do here at CM.

I hope that the summer months are enjoyable for you and your family.

Jerrell Birch

Jerrell Birch

The Schettlonary

June 5, 2019 (Summer is here edition)

Welcome to 6-S!  Home of the 2019 Track and Field Champions!

Dear friends of Conestoga,

Our sixth grade students completed yet another pay-it-forward project, this year continuing our Coin Carnival tradition.  Thanks to our 6th graders’ hard-work and dedication, Conestoga grades K-5’s participation and incredibly generous donations, as well as kind Conestoga staff contributions of all sorts, we raised $809.03, which converts to over 36,000 Sudanese pounds.  As an additional bonus, we will be donating the collected funds to an organization dedicated to providing water to needy Sudanese children.  A special thank-you goes to Mr. Mattern who took the time to connect a wonderful reading unit, A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, to this cause. 

Again, many thanks to all of you for your support in this and all things here at Conestoga; it is blatantly apparent that we, as a school community, really do care.

Upcoming Events
First day of school, August 21st!



Writing: Check in to our blog to share travel or vacation experiences.

Reading: Read something fun.

Spelling: List one is on the pages section of this blog.



Maths: Thanks for an amazing year of math!

Science : Thanks for an amazingly fun year of science.

Social Studies: Go visit the places we discussed this year.

RATS: We had a very successful year of presentation.

Here’s the blog picture.  Please tell Mr. S. via email who or what this is and receive 5 stars!  (


Mrs. Graham's 4th Grade Blog

Wednesday, June 5


  • The students have an information letter from the fifth grade teachers and an information packet about the summer reading challenge in their report card envelopes.
  • Keep reading for pleasure!
  • Have a wonderful summer! 🙂


Letort 4th Grade Superheroes

Have a FUN Summer!

Their future is SO BRIGHT, they need to wear shades! 🙂 We want to thank all of our 4th grade families for a SUPER year! It went so fast, and we can’t believe it is over! There’s a lot we will remember forever! We wish all of you a safe and enjoyable summer. We will see everyone back in August!

Mrs. Gwyn

5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

Students left things in their lockers! There are ear buds, a blue winter coat, three lunch boxes, two water bottles, a black shirt (from the play?), and a clarinet! They are in the office. June 14 is Mrs. Jacoby’s last day in the office. Please get your things.


Miss Trostle's Classroom Blog

June 5 Reminders

***I can’t believe this school year is already over!  It feels like just yesterday I made 21 new friends as they walked through my classroom door back in August.  We have made so many memories over the course of the school year, and I will forever cherish my time with this class.  Thank you to all of the parents and families for your constant support and generosity this year!  I could not have done my job without amazing people like you supporting our classroom along the way!  If you ever need anything in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  I hope you all have a fantastic summer!  I look forward to seeing the (now) 4th graders when they return to school in August!

Miss Trostle

5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

Mrs. Moyer’s Student of the Month!

Mrs. Moyer's Student of the Month!
Go, Ben!


Mrs. Bittenbender's Blog

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

As I look at my nearly empty classroom, there is a twinge of sadness mixed into the excitement that I know this summer will bring. We’ve had lots of fun times in D108 this year. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family a wonderful, happy, and safe summer! I can’t wait to see everyone when I return from maternity leave in the fall.

Mrs. Bittenbender

Central Manor Third Grade

Thank you for a great year!

Attached is the summer reading incentive. Please have your child continue to read over the summer!

Students had the chance to create a Virtual Reality tour based upon our field trip to the Fulton Theater. Although it isn’t quite finished, feel free to take a sneak peak!

The end of the year always brings such mixed  emotions. Many students have anxiously waited for this day for weeks, yet there will still be tears and hard goodbyes.  Change can be hard,  but necessary to push your child out of their comfort zone and grow.

Thank you for your continued support this school year! Have a wonderful summer!


Miller's Memo

Last Day of First Grade!

Dear Second Grade Parents/Guardians-

We enjoyed our last day of school!  I hope that you have a great summer break filled with lots of fun, laughter, reading, and enjoying the sunshine!

See you next year as second graders!

Mrs. Miller

Mr. Bodde's Blog

Looking Ahead to the 2019/2020 School Year

Thank you, parents and guardians, for taking the time to complete the survey below. Again, I cannot reiterate enough how useful I find the information you provide. Have a wonderful summer and I Iook forward to meeting each of you in the fall. If you have any questions, concerns or things you didn’t include in the survey, you can always reach me at .

2019/2020 Parent Survey


Conestoga Kinder-Kids


If your child is missing a Phillies hat (baseball cap), please let me know! I found it while cleaning. 🙂


Appel's Awesomesauce

We had so much fun creating our tie dye shirts! We have rinsed them out, but they HAVE NOT YET BEEN WASHED. Please make sure you WASH THEM SEPARATELY for the first time at home, as some of the color will come off the first time in the washing machine. Enjoy your summer! It’s been a great year!!


Mrs. O'Donnell's Classroom Blog

Summer is Here!

Thank you for a wonderful year! Your support is greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed having your children in my class. It was a year I will never forget.

Check out this link above for some 2019 Summer Academic Opportunities !


Mrs. Bittenbender's Blog

Harriet Tubman Rap

We had a great time at the assembly yesterday! Here is the video of third graders performing our Harriet Tubman Rap.

Mrs. Bittenbender

Penn Manor National Honor Society

Garden of Grace Volunteer Opportunity

If interested in supporting the Garden of Grace Ministry at Millersville Community Church, please contact Joy Olcott at 717-875-1057. She is text friendly.

The Garden of Grace supports families in our community. The garden is located at 163 West Frederick Street in Millersville. Hours can be counted towards next year.


5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

It was a Fine Year!

LeTort Rocks!


5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

A “SWEET” Way to End the Year

I’ve taught your students all year long, and I wanted to recognize their efforts in a special way! The class helped me by completing a survey nominating their classmates. Today, each student received an award based on their personality, work ethic, sense of humor, athletic ability, etc. The students really enjoyed their awards!


5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

End of the Year Reflection Jenga


June 4 2019

Mrs. Noll's Blog

Have a Great Summer!

It’s been a great year in the kindergarten classroom. Thank you for supporting your child’s academic growth by helping with homework, reading stories, and going over sight words. Thank you for the classroom donations and for the parent volunteers who gave an extra helping hand to our kiddos.

Summer Reading Challenge (sent home with PM class/AM class will have to print)

Mrs. Noll, Mrs. Graver, Mrs. Neff, and myself would like to thank the students and their families for showering us with the wonderful end of year gifts.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your children. It is my hope that they were able to embrace the love of learning that will follow them as they continue moving upward in the grades. Keep reading and writing this summer to keep the language arts in practice for the next venture this coming school year. Have a great summer! Love, Mrs. Glassmyer


McElheny Moments


Yearbooks were delivered today to students who ordered and paid for them. I put all yearbooks into mailboxes. Some students took the yearbooks out in the classroom to look at them. At the end of the day, one student who had ordered and paid for one could not find hers. If you find that your child brought a yearbook home by accident and did not pay for one, please send it back in tomorrow and I will give it to the student it belongs to. If your child accidently brought home two by mistake, again, please send it back into school tomorrow. Thank you, Mrs. McElheny


5th Grade ROCKSTARs!

Mr. McCabe!

Mr. McCabe!
Mr. McCabe!